From “The Gregarious Brain” by David Dobbs

…For 40 years or so, primatologists like Jane Goddall, Frans DeWaal, and Robert Sapolsky have been studying social behaviours in chimps, gorillas, macques, bonobos, and baboons. Over the past decade, that work has led to a unifying theory that explains not only a huge range of bahaviour but also why our brains are so big and that their most essential work is. The theory, called the Machiavellian-intelligence or social-brain theory, hold that we rise from a lineage in which both individual and group success hinge on balancing the need to hold work with others with the need to hold our own-or-better – amid the nested groups and subgroups we are part of.

It would appear that our ability to collaborate may be hard-wired into the brain in some way.