Lego is one of the most respected toy manufacturers in the world. In fact they are also the worlds fourth largest manufacturer. But that is not what makes them so fascinating from a collaborative point of view. A team of specially trained facilitators are using the Lego blocks to help their corporate clients build models that describe their companies strengths and weaknesses. According to their site

LEGO SERIOUS PLAY invites all participants to take an active part in the process. The common language – the bricks – treats everyone as equals and allows all opinions and aspects to be heard. In a very direct way, you will be able to see what everyone knows inside the company – and what they don’t know they know!

Sounds like a great way to explore the collaborative intelligence (CQ) of the entire team doesn’t it? When asked what they think is one of the main strengths of ‘Serious Play’ system facilitators say ‘We use Lego as a tool that enhances psychological flow. Lego takes people out of their usual comfort zones.’ That ‘flow’ that they are referring to could just as easily refer to the flow of collective intelligence between participants as they explore ideas together. There is also the effect the play aspect probably has on the dynamic of competition- cooperation. So collaboration is child’s play after all. What a wonderful metaphor for collaborative intelligence.