Collaboration : Why is it the Key?

In ‘Nine Shift‘ the authors state…

‘There are several reasons why collaborative work and study is fundamental for the 21st Century:

  • The world is so complicated, the solutions to problems so complex, that many problems, especially the biggest and most important ones can no longer be solved by one person.
  • The world is so diverse, with so much speciality and subspecialty, that non one person can know or grasp enough knowledge across a broad enough spectrum, to solve a problem or complete a major project without collaborative input from others.
  • That the process of finding out what others are doing, even as they are doing it, actually enhances and improves one’s own learning and work.’

Only in the last few days I have been providing feedback to colleagues that asked for me to look at what they are doing and comment. This sort of informal 360 is very effective at helping us to find the gaps in our project design and planning. The above points also have significant implications for the peer-to-peer movement. I can’t resist saying that what the authors are talking about is also the development of collaborative intelligence or CQ.