I have never been one for New Year resolutions. I couldn’t see the significance of a particular time of the year for making changes in myself or my habits. If I identified something that I thought I wanted to change I didn’t really care if it was July or January. I’d make a plan and make the change. This year I happened to have taken an extended break from my business. From a previous post you may be aware that I went to India. During my visit I happened to pick up a copy of J. Krishnamurti’s ‘On Nature and the Environment’. As I was reading this book there was a lot of front page activity in the ‘Times of India‘ about the Bali Climate Conference. From a collaboratively intelligent perspective the task of turning the world around seems a daunting one and this was reflected in the dramatic, eleventh-hour agreements between the nations represented. From the outside one wonders why people are not able to collaborate more effectively on such crucial issues – and I’ll admit to wringing my hands in frustration at the collaborative stupidity (versus intelligence) being exercised.

Then I bumped into this line from Krishnamurti’s wonderful little book:

‘To bring about a transformation in the world, which is the world of my relationship, I must begin with myself’

So it just happens to be the New Year but I am finally getting round to making a ‘resolution’ along with millions of other people. My resolution is to look at all my relationships squarely in the face and ask the question “How can I transform my relationship with the world?” rather than “How can I transform the world?”. That’s where I am starting from for this brand new year.

I wish all those that visit this blog an exciting and fulfilling 2008. May we all learn to practice our collaborative intelligence, especially because this seems to be a very important point in human history.