Film has been used for the purpose of creating social change for a long time. Not all of it for our benefit as a species (think war propaganda movies). Pangea Day has raised the ante on the use of film in raising peoples awareness and mobilizing human potential.

Another project which is also using film / video for great effect in this way is the Global Oneness Project.

The Global Oneness Project uses an enlightened way of spreading it’s message – it gives its DVD away for free. The only caveat it applies is that when they send the DVD to you – you ‘pay it forward’ by showing the movies to friends or family. Another aspect of this brilliant approach to creating social change and deeper collaboration is they have published all of the films under a ‘Creative Commons’ license. In this case the licence means that you can share the movies with anyone you like and as many people as you like as long as you do not sell or attempt to profit from the sharing. Just a note – I published my book ‘Teaching an Anthill to Fetch : Developing Collaborative Intelligence @ Work’ under the same kind of licence – it does not have the normal ‘All Rights Reserved’ warning that most books have.

I can’t resist sharing another of the videos found at the Global Oneness Project site. (I really think you should go there) – this one is about another great way to build deeper collaboration in the world – random acts of kindness – using ‘Smile Cards’ as a way to encourage the recipients of your kindness to ‘pay-it-forward’.

In case you missed it – the site is and it rocks!