Planet Earth

Images of the China earthquake on the New York Times and those of the situation in Myanmar are reminding us that we human live on ONE planet and it is getting very small – smaller by the day. What happens to others across the planet increasingly is impacting everyone else. The Chinese government have a reputation for keeping events like these very quiet – they seem to prefer to save face and deal with the situations themselves. However by listening to the reports of the scale of this event it is hard to imagine how they will cope without the help of the international community. Keeping up appearance whether for the benefit of the 2008 Olympics or because of national pride becomes a secondary considerations when people are dieing for lack of clean water, and shelter for example.

Both events happening so close to each other will place a strain on the international communities ability response. It also invites us to ask what if some natural disaster affected our homes, children, and communities? wouldn’t we expect other people around the world to care? – of course we would.

Everyday we are seeing evidence that it is time for us to really get serious about international collaboration and beginning to look with new eyes – and see one species on one planet with one goal – a happy, productive life. Knowing that we have the support of everyone on the planet for that goal. In North America we have (along a a few other places on earth ) the challenge of living more simply so others can simply live (Mahatma Gandhi). Earth Day was a great opportunity to think about what sort of things we can do to enable everyone on this beautiful little planet (its the only habitable one I know) to live together sustainability.