‘Teaching an Anthill to Fetch: Developing Collaborative Intelligence @ Work’ (my book on collaborative intelligence) has been featured on the BusinessWeek.com site. In an article entitled ‘Building a Better Team‘ I was interviewed by Marshall Goldsmith. From the article:

What is collaborative intelligence?

Observe firemen fighting fires, platoons of soldiers in combat situations, sports teams playing at their best. They refer to times when they felt they were tapping into something much larger than themselves. Their description sounds as if they were talking about a field of intelligence that has been created by the group and that they can all tap into. I refer to this as “collaborative intelligence,” or CQ: the ability to harness the energy and intelligence of groups or teams.

You can download a sample chapter for free from the books website. The site also offers a free ‘CQ Quiz’ to help you assess the collaborative intelligence of your team / organization.