If you needed proof that there is such a thing as collaborative intelligence – you only have to take a peek at how our bodies coordinate themselves. This excerpt from Ervin Laszlo’sScience and the Akashic Field‘ makes the point much better than I could.

‘In a complex organism the challenge of order is gigantic. The human body consists of some million billion cells, far more than stars in the Milky Way galaxy. Of this cell population, 600 billion are dying and the same number are regenerating every day – over 10 million cells per second. The average skin cells lives only for about two weeks; bone cells are renewed every three months. Every ninety seconds millions of antibodies are synthesized, each from about twelve hundred amino acids, and every hour 200 million erythrocytes are regenerated. There is no substance in the body that is constant, though heart and brain cells endure longer than most. And the substances that coexist at a given time produce thousands of biochemical reactions in the body each and every second.’

If this is the level of ‘collaboration’ our bodies can achieve, I argue that we can do this as a society as well. I just wonder what it is we have to assume to make that process happen faster?