What does ‘safe’ mean these days ? – none of us really know the direction that social media will take next and where our identity will appear. But the same sort of anxiety is being felt across the corporate world in terms of how can we share information quickly and effectively but maintain a boundry or ‘membrane’ with the outside world.

The purpose of a membrane is to allow ‘information’ to travel in both directions. In other words the question we need to ask is “How can we stay in intimate connection with the larger field of knowledge and maintain an ‘identity’ and ‘brand’ with respect to our own corpus of knowledge.

Bertrand Duperrin poses the question “Does enterprise 2.0 threaten your security ?

This is a core question – or should be – for people working in the field of knowledge management.  Of course we should also be mindful that wherever we are going , we are going to get there sooner than we think.