Tripped over this in ‘After God’ by Professor Mark C. Taylor. In terms of collaborative intelligence the value of this small piece is self-evident.

The most pressing dangers we currently face result from the conflict of competing absolutisms that divide the world between oppositions that can never be mediated.

Four governing principles should thus guide us in the emerging network culture:

1)  Embrace Complexity: increasing complexity tends to enrich life but can be overwhelming; “for those who appreciate the value of complexity, subtlety and nuance become important virtues…clarity is not necessarily a virtue, and decisiveness can be destructive in a complex world where things are not always clear”,

2)  Promote Cooperation as Much as Competition: while competition is necessary for any healthy organism or organization, it is fatal if not tempered by cooperation (which becomes all the more important as interdependence increases);

3)  Accept Volatility: since creative emergence occurs in conditions far from equilibrium, the volatility it engenders provides opportunities that need not be threatening (some deconstruction is necessary in every constructive process);

4)  Cultivate Uncertainty: doing so serves as a corrective to every truth that claims to be absolute; uncertainty marks the elusive horizon of life (‘the futuer is threatened less by doubters than by true believers”).