If you have read any amount of this blog you know that I am BIG into the idea of what we can achieve together. I’m not blind to the fact that we also have to be effective at getting things done when we are all on our own. In fact my own work schedule is so busy that I have to use every trick in the book to maximize my productivity.

So when I bump into something that substantially improves my ability to manage my work load – I like to share it. In case there is even one other person out there struggling to get all things they want to achieve done. Active Words is one of those things – a simple little tool that enables me to make more time by automating various functions on my computer. I won’t bother explaining it here – the site explains it better than I could. But if you have ever wondered if there was an easier way to automate opening that particular folder you visit a lot (as an example) – well yes there is and Active Words is it.