Our society is fast outstripping it’s ability to keep up with the production of knowledge and information. The Creative Commons sprang from the urge to make and create with a modified concept of ‘ownership’. Extremely successful in the creation of software and in the early days most notably the operating system ‘Linux’.  The CC licencing approach has moved into the arts, novels, plays and non-fiction business books (my own book ‘Teaching an Anthill to Fetch’  as an example). This movie is a beautiful (even mesmerizing) piece of art that is shared with you courtesy of a Creative Commons Licence.


Sharing what we know vigorously might is the only we can move our society forward – patent lawyers will only make the ‘commons’ impoverished while benefiting a small percentage of the population. People have to be able to benefit from what they produce and I believe the Creative Commons is a great solution to this dilemma.

I’ve ranted before about how bacteria are outsmarting us because they are more ‘collaborative’ with their information. I also realize our society is much more complex than that of a colony of Ecoli – however the question remains – how can we become more like Ecoli with it’s amazing adaptability and resilience?