Unless you’ve been living under a rock you will have already heard some sort of reference to ‘Second Life‘. The site that allows you to create an avatar, or Second Life. This one is virtual and doesn’t , of course, come with the same restrictions your present physical life has. A good thing in some ways – in another it raises all sorts of question about what constitutes real human connection. In the virtual space provided by the software you can have a conversation or take part in activities with other ‘second lifers’. It is unlikely you will meet these people in real life and some critics have said that meeting people in this way is soul-less etc.. I prefer to view it as an extension of ourselves. While I am not blind to the problems we have failed to solve (yet) here on the physical plane, I know that Second Life and ‘places’ like it will continue to proliferate as we human continue to explore our potential. By the way Sweden was the first country (am not sure if anyone else has followed them yet) to open an Embassy within Second Life.

Thomas De Zengotita has written an interesting article about Second Life in the present (Oct 2007) issue of ‘What Is Enlightenment?‘ magazine. You can hear Thomas talk about the effects media is having on our consciousness at the WIE Site. Well worth a listen.