I used to use The Brain years ago to organize ideas for various marketing projects I managed. However the inventor of this slick little tool has taken the game of storing and tracking information to a whole new level. From a press release about their new form of this software :

“With the amount of information people are faced with, creating an environment where ideas and collaboration flourish is a challenge. Accumulated information can inadvertently contribute to confusion and overwhelm research teams, if the content isn’t presented intuitively,” said Sandy Ping, CEO of VentureForward.

This challenge has a huge impact on our ability to collaborate – whether we are a part of a small volunteer organization or a large international project team.

David Allen has mentioned on his blog that he is experimenting using it with tracking his Mind Manager maps. Maybe that is a little too much information for you. If you have used Mind Manager for creating mind maps you will realize that ‘Mapping you maps’ could be a very useful thing. Anyone who has Mind Manager loaded up and is interested in how to use it to develop a talk for example, can email me directly and I will send them a copy of a map I did recently on the topic of ‘The Use of Intuition in Business Decisions’ – you do have to have at least the demo version loaded for the file to be any good to you – so bear that in mind before you ask for it.

If you haven’t heard of either of these resources I highly recommend that you check them out. The immediate application to helping teams collaborate more effectively could be the creation of a mind map or personal brain for a project that required lots of peoples input. I’m sure you can think of a multitude of other applications though once you have taken a closer look at these collaboration tools. In fact used in specific ways, both these tools could be rightly described as ‘social software‘. And of course both are great ways to develop collaborative intelligence (or CQ as I call it) at either an individual or group level.