Collaborative Intelligence : Office Politics

Office politics are becoming a major stumbling block to business effectiveness. According to a recent study (Ipsos-Reid – Nov. 2007) instances where office politics obstructed productivity have almost double in the last ten years ago. Although this study was carried out in Canada similar results were discovered in the UK business sector. We can only assume that the issue is prevalent across most developed countries.

As we move from the ‘command and control’ model within businesses there are some adjustments to be made. Getting someones cooperation is not a matter of whether they report to you or not. Often as not you have no official ‘power’ over the other person from whom you need help. Being able to influence people has suddenly become very important.

Emotional Intelligence is the skill of using emotions as a source of information about the social environment. EQ is quickly becoming a desired skill within flattened organizations. However EQ and IQ are necessary but no longer sufficient to enable people to adapt to the ‘new workplace’. You probably know where I’m going with this – we need to develop our ‘CQ‘ – Collaborative Intelligence.

I realize that’s a tall order and that you may require some assistance that is a little more uh..immediate. So for those of you in need of ‘office politics first aid’ here is a link to ‘How To Win at Office Politics‘ courtesy of BNET.

Everyone who has to work in an office environment also has to deal with the politics of that place. Dealing with difficult people also becomes part of that process – which is why I will be posting about difficult people, politics and CQ in subsequent days. Meanwhile stay calm and play nice even if others don’t know how to do that yet.