Why do we do it? I mean our work. In 1942 Viktor Frankle stood naked and completely alone in the world in a concentration camp. His captors planned to execute him – he was sure of it. They had taken everything he had in the world away. All those he loved and cared for had either been already murdered or would meet that fate soon.  Those around him were in various states of psychological collapse and were resigned to their fate.

And yet amongst all this horror – Frankle discovered something else – an earth shaking idea as potentially trans formative as the discovery of fire. He realized that the only thing we really have control over in our life….. is the meaning we create from it. Frankle describes the search for meaning as our ultimate quest.

In this video the quality of the footage may not be the greatest but the quality of the ideas are world class. He shares a startling statistic that 78% of American youth state that their top priority was ‘finding a meaning and purpose in their lives’.

The core of Frankle’s message is that we create the meaning – whether we choose consciously or whether we adopt meanings that are handed down to us from others. We are the meaning makers – whether we wish to accept the responsibility or not.  In other words nothing has any meaning until we create it and our children are crying out for meaning. We must help them find one and a meaning that enables them to aspire toward the highest potential of humanity.