It could be said that teams with high CQ are quite boring. There are very few dramas and no exciting heroes the team relies on to save the day. People pull their weight and support each other to an extraordinary degree. There is a vigorous pursuit for learning, not only at the individual level, but at the team level also. It could be said that in this way collaborative intelligence is a core feature of all learning organizations.

There is also a sense of community within such teams or departments. People from outside sense this very quickly and notice something special is going on. We have all had this experience and most of us can’t put our finger on what it is. Like the difference between listening to a well-rehearsed orchestra and a group of novice musicians that are playing out of key.

A team with high CQ expects challenge and meets it with one eye on results and the other on what it can learn from each encounter with something new. A collaboratively intelligent team realizes that all great teams are a process, not a thing. This is based upon strong bonds between it’s members. There is an awareness that each person in the team is also a process and not static. Personality profiles are perceived as general guides but each person is encouraged to grow and change in positive ways. Team members know that a great deal of behavior is determined by the situation and they consciously create situations where collaboration is easy and fruitful. The assumption is that no matter what the personality of the team member, there will always be opportunities for high levels of collaboration. More about ‘High CQ Teams’ in the next post….. ###articles###