May 10th was Pangea Day – if you haven’t already heard of it – it was an international event in the spirit of ‘Live Aid’ except the media was film rather than music. I was glued to my PC (couldn’t get to a live event) for the entire four hours. So many of the short films moved me to tears. This one about ‘Combatents For Peace’ was particularly impactful. I haven’t heard what the total audience was for the event but it was estimated to be in the 100’s of millions. The idea of that number of people all watching films about creating peace, reconciliation, international collaboration and caring for others, is so encouraging.

The story begin the creation of Pangea Day is interesting – Jehane Noujaim made a film entitled ‘Control Room’ . Jehane was awarded a prize by the TED organization and along with $100K she was also given one wish that would be granted. Pangea Day was Jehane’s very enlightened wish.

You can watch all 18 films from the Pangea website, along with 25 others that there was not sufficient time to air on the day. What I find so interesting and encouraging about this initiative is it’s ability to bring people from all around the world together into one virtual space / place and allow them to voice their dreams for a better world.

There is even a Pangea Day YouTube channel – check it out.